One Arkie Albanese Avenue
Manlius, NY 13104
Phone - (315) 682-7245
Fax - (315) 682-6121

Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 9:00am - 4:00pm
Friday: 9:00am - 12:00pm

Court Schedule:
The Village of Manlius Court is scheduled for the first and third Thursdays of the month at 7:00PM in the Manlius Village Centre, located at One Arkie Albanese Avenue, Manlius, NY 13104.

Upcoming 2015 Court Dates:  Nov. 5 & 19 and Dec. 3 & 17

2016 Court Dates:

Jan. 7 & 21        Feb.  4 & 18

March 3 & 17     April 7 & 21

May 5 & 19        June 2 & 16

July 7 & 21        Aug. 4 & 18

Sept. 8 & 22      Oct. 6 & 20

Nov. 3 & 17       Dec. 1 & 15


Justice elected for a four-year term and an Acting Justice, appointed annually by the Village Board. The Justice Court has jurisdiction over misdemeanors, violations, traffic matters and offenses under state and local laws as well as felony arraignments. Criminal and traffic matters are prosecuted by the Districy Attorneys Office. The court also handles civil matters and small claims cases with monetary claims limited to $3000.00. There is a nominal fee to file civil and small claims cases ($10-$20). You may call the court office for information or to request a handbook. Violations of the Village ordinances are prosecuted by the Village Attorney or Codes Enforcement Officer.


How To Resolve a Traffic Ticket:
Look at the ticket to determine if you have been issued a ticket for a Misdemeanor or a Traffic Infraction.

  • White Computer Generated Tickets: Look in the section below your name and address titled "THE PERSON DESCRIBED ABOVE IS CHARGED AS FOLLOWS", the second row of information on the right-hand side has two circles labeled "Traffic Infraction" and "Misd". The circle with the X in it is the nature of the charge.
  • Yellow Hand-written Tickets: To the right of the letters "U.S. DOT #" in the left margin is the officer's signature, to the right of the signature is a text box labeled "Offense Type" and "Traffic Infraction" and "Misdemeanor". The checked box is the nature of the charge.

Misdemeanor Charges - If the misdemeanor box is checked, you must appear in the Court to be arraigned before a Judge on the return date written on the ticket.

Traffic Infraction - If the traffic infraction box is checked you have the following options:

     You can plead GUILTY

     You can plead NOT GUILTY &

     A. Request an adjournment to contact an attorney.

     B. Request an adjournment to correspond with the Assistant District Attorney who is assigned to our court for a plea bargain, OR

     C. Request the matter be set down for trial.

 You can plead GUILTY: by following the instructions on the ticket. You need to fill out the GUILTY section of the ticket completely (including your current mailing address) and sign it. You can return your plea of guilty by mail or in person at the Village of Manlius Court Clerk's Office. If you send your plea by mail, the Court will notify you, by mail, of the fines and mandatory surcharge, if any.

You can plead NOT GUILTY: by following the instructions on the ticket, filling out the NOT GUILTY section of the ticket, signing it, and mailing it or delivering it to the Court prior to the scheduled court date. Be sure to include your current mailing address.

You may correspond with the Asst. District Attorney handling our court by sending correspondence to:
John C. Jensen
C/O Manlius Village Court
One Arkie Albanese Avenue
Manlius, NY 13104

Any correspondence to the Assistant District Attorney must be received in this court prior to the scheduled court date. The prosecutor may choose to offer you a plea to a lesser infraction. If an offer is made, you can choose to accept it, or reject it. If you choose to reject the offer, the matter will be scheduled for a non-jury trial. Any offer made by the Prosecutor is only a recommended offer. The Court does not have to accept the recommendation of the Prosecutor.

Note: Before pleading guilty to a ticket issued as a result of an accident, you may wish to consult with an attorney and/or your insurance company about possible civil liability for personal injuries arising from the accident.

Note: Failure to appear on any traffice ticket will result in suspension of your driving privileges through the Department of Motor Vehicles and additional fees being imposed to lift the suspension on your license.

If you have any questions regarding these procedures, you may contact the Village of Manlius Court Clerk's Office at (315) 682-7245.


  • William Barrett
    Village Justice
    (315) 682-7245
  • Joseph Greenman
    Acting Village Justice
    (315) 682-7245
  • Jenna Spendle
    Court Clerk
    (315) 682-7245